Draft AOC for President 2028

Draft AOC for President of the United States

The most up-to-date information is located on the wiki at https://wiki.draftaoc.us.

Volunteer needed: we need viral #DraftAOC content for Social Media.

Liberal Democrats, this doesn't change anything! Social Democrats of America will present a real Socialist at the convention.

The Working Class deserves a place at the Chicago Democratic National Convention. Joe Biden does not represent the working class or the lower middle-class interests, so we need a candidate - and delegates - to push for a platform that reflects the interests of Americans left behind by the political elite.

We are organizing an introductory Zoom at different times each Wednesday.

We are looking for Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, and Progressives activists to organize the #DraftAOC coalition to run or help others run for delegate to the Presidential Convention in Chicago in 2024. Please complete the survey at https://repmyblock.org/web/draft/aoc or click on a state in the map below.

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Draft AOC is a project by various independent members from multiple left factions or parties.

Discussions are happening inside Social Democrats of America who are hosting us. We sent invitations to the Communist Party USA, Social Democrats USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolutions, Indivisible, Green Party US, US Pirate Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Justice Democrats, Working Families Party Socialist Alternative and we are waiting to hear back.

Please let the decision-making instances that a group of leftist activists is working to convince AOC to establish an exploratory committee.


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